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Why you should add Barre to your workout routine?

Why Barre?

Barre is HOTT! A low impart, high intensity and FUN workout that challenges in a unique way without putting a lot of pressure on your joints. It’s the workout that keeps on giving and barre can benefit everyone, especially If you spend time sitting at a desk, are a woman 35 years + or even if you do lots of yoga. Barre is the best type of exercise to add to your workout routine this year!

Women 35+ — many of us experience changes in our bone density and muscle mass—which means a higher risk of osteoporosis 😬 BUT— regular barre workouts can increase your bone density and will bump up the lean muscle mass too. Win win. If you’re not in the 35+ camp…lucky you! But it’s never too early to start future proofing your body.

Do you do a lot of sitting? You’re not alone! We’ve all sat more these past 2 years. But we sit our glutes are doing nada, zip, nothing and they can become inactive and have trouble firing correctly. Do you do lots of yoga which can potentially overstretch the glutes and hamstrings? One of the causes of lower back pain and even knee pain can be from weak and overstretched glutes and hamstrings! Get thee to a barre class and strengthen that booty to counteract lots of sitting or stretching!

You don’t need to be a dancer or flexible to do barre. Rhythmically challenged need not worry either—it’s easy to follow fusion of dance, Pilates, cardio and strength training to create the perfect full body workout!

What to expect in my Barre classes? Lots of the tiny isometric (up an inch down and inch) movements (shake sweat and swear—IYKYK 😉) plus energetic and dynamic large range, functional and aerobic movements to boost the energy and cardiovascular health impact. Powerful and dynamic but achievable for all. I am genuinely interested how a workout makes you feel in your body and your mind and the positive energy you will feel from my classes is where it’s at. I can guarantee a good dose of encouragement, uplifting playlists and an enthusiastic instructor— Come try and see for yourself!

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