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Benefits of a Sweaty Workout

Before you decide it's too hot to exercise and swapping the workout for a Rosé in the garden seems so enticing, let me tell not only how great you'll feel after but how good it actually is for you! Sweating often comes with negative undertone—that it’s gross, icky or unattractive, which you may feel pretty grimy when travelling on the tube or trying to sleep in thot weather but there are also a number of benefits of sweating, especially whilst working out!

We should be celebrating our sweat—it’s a sign our body is working well and the reward we get for moving!

Here are a few benefits of a sweaty workout!

Regular exercise in warm weather keeps your sweat glands in great shape, helping you body to regulate it’s temperature more easily. All classes are running all week—consider it prep for future heatwaves!


Consistent cardio exercise—the kind that gets you pretty sticky, can protect your liver by helping it do it’s job and get rid of substances that shouldn’t be there, helping you to de-bloat, clean our clogged arteries and help with a hang-over! Opt for barre instead of the Rosé on Wednesday 🙌 Book in now!

Sweating can guard you against infection because our sweat contains natural antibiotic called dermcidin that can protect you against nasty pathogens. With Covid cases back on the rise—this is another perfect reason to go for the sweaty workout.

You’ll feel totally badass afterwards! It provides immediate evidence of accomplishment and there is something truly transformative about getting seriously sweaty during a workout.

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