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Please only attend the studio if you feel well.  We ask you self assess every time before coming to the studio and if you are displaying any symptoms (as mild as they may be) please stay at home and join us online  or request a recording instead.   


The class schedule has been changed slightly to allow for more time between classes.  Class capacity  is limited to 8 participants and so we ask you book in advance, join the class via live-stream or request a recording. When booking a class please make sure you book for the right type of class; studio classes will be titled 'STUDIO', live-stream classes are labelled 'ONLINE' in the title.


The entire building will be deep cleaned on a regular basis, and high touch areas such as door handles, banisters, bathroom taps will be sanitised frequently throughout the day. Hand sanitiser will be available throughout the studio.



Everyone coming to the studio will be kindly asked to use hand sanitiser or wash their hands as they enter.


We encourage you to wear a face mask when arriving/leaving and moving around the studio. The World Health Organisation does not recommend the use of face masks during exercise, so once on your mat, please remove and place it on your mat during practice. 


We encourage you to keep your socks on until at your mat.


Mats and props are available but we encourage you to bring your own where possible.  Mats and props will be available for purchase - please contact Tara for more information.  Please align your mat with the floor markers in the studio to ensure you have a safe distancing between yourself and another participant.  If you use one of our mats or props we ask you to clean them with our antibacterial and antiviral cleaning solution before putting them into 'mat quarantine' (mats and props are rotated so they are not used again for 48 hours). 


The bathroom is open, however we would like to kindly ask you to come to the studio dressed for practice and having used the facilities where possible.


Please do not gather inside or outside the studio and maintain social distancing throughout your visit. If you are entering a class which follows another class, please wait until all attendees of the previous class have exited the studio before entering.


Weather permitting, doors will be left open during class.  When doors can't be left open due to weather, they will be opened 15 minutes prior to classes as well as in-between classes to to reduce the risk of indoor transmission.


During class the instructor will not offer any hands on adjustments and remain on their mat or maintain at least a 1 metre distance to students.



Due to the limited space in the studio, we ask you adhere to your booking.  


Cancellations must be made 4 hours prior to the start of class for STUDIO classes.  If you can no longer attend your booked class please ensure you cancel out of that class or you may be charged for the class regardless of whether you attend of not.  


Due to track and trace requirements, drop ins will not be permitted at this time.  


Please arrive on time for your class.  Late arrivals may not be admitted and you will be charged for the class. 


In the event of any suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases in the studio we will inform anyone who has come into close contact with the affected person in the studio and refer them to follow government guidelines on self isolation.


These guidelines will be reviewed in line with government guidelines.

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