Teens, 40 somethings, athletes, grandparents -- Pilates is for you.  

It’s a total body workout, it focuses on core strengthening and spinal alignment - improving flexibility, agility and mobility.  

Pilates can create a toned body and flat abdomen, but it’s not just another exercise class.  This set of movements can re-educate the body, undo the damage years of stress and immobility inflict, improve posture and rehabilitate you after injury or childbirth.

It is your physical and (therefore) emotional wellbeing….and that’s worth spending a bit of time on.     




Pliés and relevés don’t just look graceful, the ballet moves also lengthen and strengthen muscles and burn calories.  No tutu or slippers required, you don’t even need to be flexible – this low impact workout blends cardio, pilates, yoga and dance for a total body workout targeting the hips, glutes, abs and arms.



Hi — I’m Tara.  I’m excited you’re here because my goal and passion is to help people gain confidence, increase energy and reduce pain through movement.  Let’s re-discover the enjoyment and the feeling of empowerment by building strength and stamina, increasing flexibility and having fun with fitness!


Exercise has always played a large part in my life.  I trained as a competitive gymnast for 18 years so pilates and barre seemed the logical next step after I retired from gymnastics — but I actually went a different direction and had a successful (and stressful) career as a production company producer for over 10 years!  A diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis at 28 years old helped me re-discover my love of movement and what it could do for my body, my brain and in helping manage the pain I was experiencing with RA.  I have 2 young and active boys and I know how hard it is to juggle work and life and family and stay active. I’m here to help! 

My classes are powerful, dynamic and challenging, but they are achievable and sustainable.  You will experience results that you can see and feel physically and mentally.  Expect a good dose of energy and encouragement alongside uplifting playlists and lots of variations to keep you feeling challenged and engaged.  You’ll be addicted in no time. 

Why do I teach?  I have a genuine interest in how a workout makes you feel— a perkier bum is simply a happy side effect.  The positive energy you will get from my workouts is where it’s at.  You will (re)connect with yourself, learn something new and fall in love with moving your body in a way that feels good!  Join me for a class and you'll see for yourself!