Teens, 40 somethings, athletes, grandparents -- Pilates is for you.  

It’s a total body workout, it focuses on core strengthening and spinal alignment - improving flexibility, agility and mobility.  

Pilates can create a toned body and flat abdomen, but it’s not just another exercise class.  This set of movements can re-educate the body, undo the damage years of stress and immobility inflict, improve posture and rehabilitate you after injury or childbirth.

It is your physical and (therefore) emotional wellbeing….and that’s worth spending a bit of time on.     




Pliés and relevés don’t just look graceful, the ballet moves also lengthen and strengthen muscles and burn calories.  No tutu or slippers required, you don’t even need to be flexible – this low impact workout blends cardio, pilates, yoga and dance for a total body workout targeting the hips, glutes, abs and arms.


Exercise has always played a large part of Tara’s life.  Originally from Philadelphia Tara trained as a competitive gymnast for 18 years, achieving the highest level.  After retiring from her gymnastics career, Tara struggled to find a type of exercise that could challenge her both physically and mentally without further irritating the numerous injuries she withstood during her years as a gymnast.  

Then she found Pilates.  

Tara is a Balanced Body® Certified Pilates Instructor, Fusion PilatesTM for pregnancy and postnatal certified instructor and a BootyBarre® Plus and BootyBarre® Flex & Flow certified instructor. 

Tara enjoys working with all fitness abilities and loves helping clients achieve better wellbeing.  As a busy mother of two very active boys, she understands the obstacles of staying fit and healthy as your body ages and doing Pilates keeps her feeling strong and lithe!


Tara’s feisty American ‘no guts no glory’ approach will push you to find your limits and then smash through them.  Powerful and dynamic classes that will sculpt your body aesthetically whilst making you fall in love with your workout is Tara’s forté, so expect uplifting playlists and ever changing classes which  will keep you feeling so engaged and addicted you’ll achieve those goals in no time.